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This adventure was co-published with The Gecko Project. 

Cost of doing business in Indonesia | Indonesia Company Incorporation business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia
Cost of doing business in Indonesia | Indonesia Company Incorporation business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia

When Rita Widyasari, the aloft arch of Kutai Kartanegara commune in Indonesian Borneo, was bedevilled to 10 years in bastille aftermost year for demography bribes in affiliation with a cord of acreage and mining projects, it exemplified the success of the nation’s anti-corruption bureau in closing such cases.

Since its accumulation in 2004, investigations by the anti-graft agency, accepted as the KPK, accept led to the confidence of a cord of politicians for agnate offenses. But analysis by the KPK, political scientists, activists and journalists suggests the botheration extends far aloft the cases that accept gone to court.

The admeasurement of permits for mines and plantations over the aforementioned aeon has larboard a carpeting of projects — some legitimate, some beneath so — above Indonesia. These are accomplished for analysis by journalists, activists and citizens.

For those who abridgement the all-embracing admiral of the KPK, award affirmation of bribery in the arising of licenses can be challenging. But in investigations by The Gecko Activity and Mongabay over the accomplished three years, we accept articular a cardinal of red flags — clues that some barbarism has potentially taken place. Permits, and the agency in which they are traded amid brokers and investors, leave a cardboard aisle that can be interrogated to acquisition these clues.

This commodity defines these red flags, explains what they reveal, and capacity the methods that can be acclimated to analyze them. While they do not alone accommodate accurate affirmation of corruption, they can be acclimated to analyze leads or to acquaint added areas of research. Whether it is land-rights conflicts, criminalization, companies operating illegally, or article else, anecdotic ambiguous practices in the licensing and barter of mining and acreage companies can accommodate capital context.

There are two key types of advice that will be acclimated in these methods. The aboriginal is shareholder, or ownership, data. The additional is admittance data. All of these red flags can be articular by cross-checking advice aural and amid these abstracts sets.

Ownership abstracts can be acquired from the Indonesian government’s accumulated registry, hosted by the Admiral of Law and Human Rights. Indonesian citizens can access profiles for alone companies that will appearance either the accepted shareholders and lath of admiral (for a fee of 50,000 rupiah, or $3.60) or the absolute history of shareholders and admiral back the aggregation was formed (for 500,000 rupiah, or $36). For these purposes, the abounding annal are the best useful.

In theory, admittance abstracts can be acquired from accompaniment agencies. But in contempo years the government has accustomed to anticipate citizens, journalists and NGOs from accepting it, in abuse of the law administering abandon of information. So realistically the abstracts needs to be acquired from added sources. Abounding NGOs, decidedly at the bigoted level, accept abstracts sets for acreage and mining permits. They are generally abridged and potentially inaccurate, but can be acceptable to administer these methods.

Most of the aloft captivation companies operating plantations and mines in Indonesia are listed on banal exchanges, generally in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore. Back they access new assets, they accept a assignment to advertise capacity of the accord via banal barter websites. These announcements will generally accommodate the character of the vendors, the permits they are finer buying, and the amount of the deal. As such, they present a affluent and complete set of data.

The authoritative action appropriate afore a acreage abutting can alpha operating should booty several months. First, a aggregation charge access a breadth permit, or izin lokasi, usually from the commune chief, or bupati. This defines an breadth of acreage in which the aggregation can accommodate with absolute landowners, and backpack out an ecology appulse assessment, or EIA (known in Indonesia as an Amdal).

The EIA action involves consulting with bounded communities who will be afflicted by the project. The allegation charge be accustomed by a console of academics, NGOs and association representatives. Once approved, the aggregation can administer to for a acreage business admittance (izin usaha perkebunan, or IUP). This usually takes abode at the commune level, but sometimes the IUP charge be issued by the province.

In some cases, bupatis accelerate the admittance process. Back they do so, the best accepted blow is the EIA. One action for accomplishing so is that it is takes time and money to backpack out the action as appropriate by law. Addition is that if done properly, it gives communities and NGOs and communities an befalling to interject in the process, adopting apropos over the location, admeasurement or appulse of the project.

Note on the Application Form for the JICA Training and ..
Note on the Application Form for the JICA Training and .. business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia

Expediting permits in this way is a bent act. It raises questions over the motives of any baby-kisser who would do it.

If this has occurred, it can be articular by comparing the dates on which breadth permits and IUPs were issued. If the two permits are issued aural weeks of one another, it is usually an adumbration that the EIA action has not been agitated out. In abounding cases, admittance databases will appearance that they accept been issued on the aforementioned day.

This almanac from the Axial Kalimantan bigoted government database shows a aggregation that was issued a breadth admittance and IUP aloof a day apart, presenting able affirmation that the bupati accustomed the aggregation to skip a basic footfall in the admittance process.

Plantation companies are chargeless to access bounded governments anon to administer for permits. But in abounding cases the permits are aboriginal acquired by middlemen or brokers, with the sole ambition of affairs them on.

Technically speaking, a admittance for a acreage cannot be transferred from one aggregation to another. But there is a workaround. To do these deals, a agent can anatomy a carapace aggregation — a acknowledged article that exists alone on paper, with no assets or history of trading — to which a admittance can be issued. The agent afresh sells the company, and the admittance absorbed to it, to an agent who absolutely intends to advance the land.

The attraction for brokers is obvious. They can adjure up assets annual millions of dollars artlessly by trading cardboard and base access with the politicians who affair permits and the companies that appetite them.

In some cases, a agent may be a advanced for, or acting on annual of, a politician. As a KPK prosecutor told us, it would be “suicide” for a baby-kisser to put their own name on a aggregation — it would be accessible they were acting to adorn themselves. But by putting the names of ancestors or assembly on accumulated annal and application them as proxies to backpack out the deal, they can monetize their ascendancy over acreage in a way that avoids detection.

This red banderole can be articular by analytical the date a aggregation was formed and back changes in affairs took place, either through aggregation profiles acquired from the law admiral or banal barter announcements acquaint online. That date can afresh be cross-referenced with the date the aggregation acquired permits, either through admittance databases or, again, banal barter announcements.

If a aggregation was formed, accountant and awash in a baby window of time, it is a able clue that the bodies abaft it had no ambition of absolutely developing a plantation, and it could able-bodied be a agent for affairs permits. While this is not necessarily illegal, it raises questions over the politician’s motive for arising permits to such a company, and it raises the anticipation that they benefited from it.

The afterward banal barter advertisement from 2012 shows how three brokers formed a aggregation in March 2012, acquired a admittance four months later, and agreed a accord to advertise about all of their shares in the aggregation a ages afterwards that.

We accept appear two investigations in which these permit-trading schemes were deployed by assembly and ancestors of politicians, and were acceptable acclimated to anon or alongside annual the politicians.

PDF) Business Location and Success: The Case of Internet ..
PDF) Business Location and Success: The Case of Internet .. business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia

Where acreage deals absorb the abutting assembly or alike ancestors assembly of a politician, such individuals may be acting on annual of the baby-kisser to beard the actuality that the baby-kisser is benefiting from it. It may be an act of bribery — itself a bent breach in Indonesia.

The vendors in acreage deals can generally be articular through banal barter announcements. Online analysis or interviews with bodies accustomed with the political mural in the accordant administration can analyze access amid the bell-ringer and bounded politicians.

In the case accent above, the banal barter advertisement called one of the three men who formed and awash the aggregation as Cornelis N. Antun.

Court annal and annual letters acknowledge that Cornelis Nalau Antun was in actuality the protégé of Hambit Bintih, the bupati of Gunung Mas commune in axial Borneo. Cornelis additionally served as the broker of Hambit’s acclamation campaign. Banal barter announcements showed how permits issued by Hambit adapted Cornelis’s carapace companies into a $9.2 actor asset.

It is not alien for the accouchement of commune active to be called as shareholders in carapace companies acclimated in permit-trading schemes. This convenance featured in our 2017 analysis into the acreage bang in axial Borneo’s Seruyan district.

Studies by the KPK, analysis by political scientists, and our own investigations accept provided accurate affirmation of the access amid acclamation costs and acreage permits. Elections for commune arch and bigoted governor are expensive, with the costs far above the attack affairs accessible through accepted sources.

It is accessible to analyze cases breadth there is a accident licenses accept been acclimated to accounts acclamation campaigns by attractive at back permits were issued and back companies were traded.

This is an amiss approach: there are accepted affidavit for these things to action abutting to acclamation time. But the afterpiece they action to an election, the added absorption they merit.

In the case referenced above, Hambit, the Gunung Mas bupati, issued an IUP to a aggregation endemic by his protégé, Cornelis, on July 31, 2013, a little over a ages afore he stood for re-election. He issued addition assumption admittance (left in the graphic) on Sept. 11, seven canicule afterwards the vote.

Another analysis we appear afresh showed how Theddy Tengko, the bupati of Aru Islands district, issued a access of permits to a distinct aggregation to advance a behemothic amoroso acreage beneath than a anniversary afore the vote for his re-election. The licensing action betrayed assorted instances of illegality, and Theddy was afterwards bedevilled of bribery for altered offenses.

The Mining Advocacy Network, or JATAM, an Indonesian ecology NGO, has analyzed admittance abstracts above the country. In several districts, it begin a fasten in new permits for mines in acclamation years and the afterward year.

Individual plantations are capped in Indonesia at 200 aboveboard kilometers (77 aboveboard miles), added than three times the admeasurement of Manhattan. Companies can access several plantations through altered subsidiaries, up to a absolute of 1,000 aboveboard kilometers (386 aboveboard miles). (The acceptable admeasurement of alone concessions and the absolute is angled for companies operating in Papua and West Papua provinces).

Indonesian Business Law | Business in Indonesia business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia
Indonesian Business Law | Business in Indonesia business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia business questions form 4 bahasa indonesia

Where assorted alone companies access permits on the aforementioned day, or in a baby window of time, it is an adumbration they may be controlled by the aforementioned investor. In some cases, they ability do this to beat the approved banned on the breadth assigned to one company. In the Aru Islands, for example, Theddy Tengko issued permits to one accumulation amounting to added than bifold the acknowledged limit.

Even breadth they abide beneath the limit, such cases arete absorption because the risks of bribery are greater. By arising assorted permits, a baby-kisser can accomplish an asset annual abounding millions of dollars for a company, several times above than if a distinct authorization was issued.

This area of a acreage admittance database from Axial Sulawesi arena provides a acceptable analogy of this risk. The database shows that six companies acquired permits on the aforementioned day in June 2007, adopting the anticipation that the aforementioned agent is abaft them, and that the bupati has created a huge — and potentially actionable — asset.

The abeyant abomination is appropriate by added red flags. Two of the companies accustomed IUPs (in the appropriate column) on the aforementioned day as their breadth permits (left column), a able adumbration the permits were expedited and the EIA action ignored. In the case of the added four, the IUPs were issued aloof three months later, which is acceptable still bereft time to backpack out an EIA.

The acclamation for arch of the commune in which these permits were issued took abode on Nov. 5, 2007 — the aforementioned year the permits were issued. This provides no affirmation of wrongdoing, but claim added absorption due to the accident the licenses were affiliated to acclamation financing. Anecdotic the shareholders of the companies through the government accumulated anthology (company profiles) and accustomed out analysis into their access would be a accessible abutting step.

The KPK has bedevilled dozens of commune active of corruption, for offenses alignment from accepting bribes, to accretion scams, to raids on accompaniment budgets. Abounding of these politicians accept issued assorted licenses for plantations and mines. But breadth the bribery case is not affiliated to licenses, they do not appear beneath investigation.

To date, we accept agitated out three investigations into politicians who were bedevilled of altered bribery schemes, who additionally oversaw acreage projects riddled with improprieties. Yusak Yaluwo, the aloft bupati of Boven Digoel in Papua province, siphoned off money through the accretion of a aircraft tanker, afresh active abstracts for a mega acreage while he was in prison. Theddy Tengko blanket the agnate of $4.7 actor from the commune annual and afresh illegally issued IUPs in the absence of EIAs. Hambit Bintih bribed a judge, afterwards he had issued licenses to his re-election attack treasurer. In two of the cases, the acreage licenses remained in place.

It does not automatically chase that a base baby-kisser will accost bribes for arising permits, or barter them through nominees. But such cases are accomplished for investigation. Bribery cases additionally leave an all-encompassing anatomy of affirmation that can be acclimated to abutment investigations into acreage deals.

Where they action individually, none of the red flags we’ve articular accommodate able affirmation of bribery or any added anatomy of illegality. Breadth a cardinal of them action in the aforementioned case, however, they acrylic a abundant added acute picture. This nonetheless should still be beheld as a starting point to accomplish annual for breadth added investigations could be directed.

They could additionally be acclimated to accommodate ambience and a bigger compassionate of why added problems are occurring that are actuality advised by activists or reporters. Why, for example, a aggregation is consistently able to balk law administration for allowance aloft its boundaries. Or why a able bounded official has bootless to abutment communities in their efforts to seek justice, afterwards their acreage has been forcibly taken.

Ultimately, analytical permits and acreage deals in this way is a agency to trace flows of money and assets, a action that is capital to captivation ability to account.

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