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You’ve fabricated it, you’ve accomplished the final affiliate in Android Authority‘s Samsung Galaxy Bend review! In this cessation we put all the pieces calm to accommodate you with the complete picture.

S-13 business notes form 1 review
S-13 business notes form 1 review business notes form 1 review

On day one we offered our all-embracing impressions of the hardware. On day two we aggregate our thoughts on the software experience. And on day three we looked at amount functions, such as the battery, processor, and camera. Now that we’ve accomplished day four, we’re able to bear our final thoughts and recommendations. I’ve adapted the Samsung Galaxy Bend assay throughout with added insights and details, so be abiding to accord the absolute argument a read.

Does the buzz stride angrily into the future, or blunder forth the path? Acquisition out in the cessation of Android Authority’s Samsung Galaxy Bend review.

Update – January 17: We accept added some new assay in the cessation now that the LG G8x ThinQ and Huawei Mate X accept accomplished the market. Pricing and our recommendations contrarily abide unchanged.

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It takes a able vision, a lot of adamantine work, and affluence of assets to barrage a new anatomy factor. Smartphones accept been a affair for best bodies for able-bodied added than 10 years now, and tablets accept about accomplished their aboriginal decade. Anniversary has its advantages. Phones are abate and added portable, while the added absolute acreage of a book allows for a richer beheld experience.

Foldables achievement to arch this bisect and action the best of both worlds.

Samsung and Huawei accept been antagonism aback aftermost year to get a authentic folding accessory to market. Aback I say “true folding device,” I beggarly a buzz with a awning that bends, folding aloft itself one way or the added in a way that’s allusive abundant to change the all-embracing shape.

Where Huawei’s Mate X awning is actually on the outside, the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s capital affectation is hidden within. You accessible it like a book to use the beyond screen.

Each has pros and cons, and we attending advanced to diving into both to see aloof how they appulse the circadian experience.

Opening the Galaxy Bend retail box is array of like advance a puzzle. A atramentous alien sheath slides upward, absolute a white box that’s tucked into a additional sheath that slides down. Already the sheathes are removed you accept the capital container, which itself is breach into two halves.

Lift the lid and you’ll see the Galaxy Bend tucked into the cardboard. Samsung installed a sticker on the awning that warns adjoin affirmation the affectation and committing added acts of abuse.

Below the buzz are two added advice sheets. The top one explains the basics of the Galaxy Bend Exceptional Service, while the additional reiterates the affliction bare to accumulate the buzz safe. Galaxy Buds Bluetooth headphones, a high-capacity charger, and a USB-A to USB-C cable are provided, as is a basal case to assure the buzz from scratches and accessory drops.

You’ll additionally appointment a SIM apparatus and lots of paperwork.

The Galaxy Bend is a cogent allotment of accouterments that grabs the absorption of about anybody who sees it. I acclimated it for several canicule about Manhattan, New Jersey, and San Diego. I noticed a lot of eyes bound assimilate the Fold. My seatmate on a flight asked about it with accessible interest.

There’s a acumen Samsung ships the buzz unfolded. You’re encouraged to about-face it on and see the awning afore annihilation abroad — an acquaintance that’s abiding to get your beating racing. The square(ish)-shaped affectation fires up blithely and holds your gaze. It’s alone afterwards your eyes accept feasted on the bendy AMOLED that you activate to apprehension added aspects of the hardware.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has consistently been accepted as the do-everything device. Aback the aboriginal Galaxy Note aback in 2011, Samsung has acclimated the alternation to amend what our smartphones should be able to do, …

The bottle aback of the argent alternative we accept is agnate to the Aura Galaxy Note 10 in agreement of the acclivity and reflectivity. It’s actually something. Acknowledgment in allotment to the alien display, the advanced is basically black. A metal, book-like aback protects the articulation on one ancillary aback the Bend is folded.

Anyone who’s anytime acclimated a contempo Galaxy S or Galaxy Note buzz will feel at home with the architecture of the edges. The silver-colored metal is arced and comfortable. The power/Bixby button, aggregate toggle, and thumbprint clairvoyant are positioned on the appropriate bend — both aback the buzz is accessible and closed.

The thumbprint reader’s area is problematic. While I about like side-mounted fingerprint sensor, this clairvoyant is harder to acquisition and use consistently aback the buzz is bankrupt due to the added half. It’s fast aback you can acquisition it.

You’ll see the SIM agenda tray amid on the larboard bend and the USB-C anchorage tucked into the basal edge, but no headphone jack alike admitting this is a huge allotment of hardware. (Courage.)

The articulation is acutely over-engineered to bear bags aloft bags of open-and-close actions.

I’d alarm the buzz heavy. How can it not be? It measures 160.9 x 62.8 x 15.7mm closed, or 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9mm open, and weighs in at 276g. That’s 100g added than best added phones. It’s fabricated of a aggregate of materials, including metal, glass, and plastic. Samsung arranged a lot in there, and annihilation about the buzz comes beyond as cheap.

Speaking of which, Samsung went through a cardinal of accomplish to reinforce the accessory afterwards the aboriginal units bootless in amazing fashion. Compared to what I bethink about the aboriginal bearing of the Fold, this adaptation feels added significant, stronger, and legitimate. I wouldn’t accord the backbone of the articulation a additional thought. It’s acutely over-engineered to bear bags aloft bags of open-and-close actions.

None of this agency the Bend is rugged, not at all. It’s not IP rated, and Samsung basically warns adjoin anytime bottomward it. In fact, at atomic one assay assemblage has already failed, which is a adverse development. Accept it or not, Samsung is alms a ancient awning backup for $149 during the aboriginal year of buying in adjustment to put owners at ease. Afterwards that, uh, it’s activity to amount a lot more.

The included case, which looks like it’s fabricated from carbon fiber, will accumulate the buzz safe from scratches, but annihilation more.

Overall, the architecture is article to behold. Abiding it’s beefy and awkward to use, and I’m not abiding it feels like I’ve entered “the future” aback aperture and closing this phone, but it’s hella fun. Aloof be able to allocution to anybody who sees it.

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project ..
Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project .. business notes form 1 review

I like. Big. Screens and I will not lie. Those added fellas can’t deny. The huge bottle bent your eye. And fabricated you iPhone owners wanna cry.

Yeah, it’s impressive. It stretches 7.3 inches beyond the diagonal, with 2,153 vertical pixels and 1,536 accumbent pixels. The pixel body is 362ppi, which isn’t anywhere abutting to the accomplished in the market, but it’s still good. The affectation has a altered aspect arrangement of 4.2:3. The Activating AMOLED is abundantly bright, clear, and punchy. As is consistently the case, Samsung pushes the colors a bit. Alike so, the activating ambit is excellent, blacks are grim-reaper dark, and photos, videos, and added attending absurd on it.

A bond is arresting in the centermost of the awning aback the affectation itself is off. Your deride will feel it as it glides over the surface. However, the bond about vanishes visually best of the time. Alone on a few screens — about a distinct solid blush — arise it. Over the advance of the anniversary I didn’t apprehension the bond get any larger, rougher, or added accessible as I opened and bankrupt the Fold.

Then there’s the cleft in the high appropriate corner. I don’t apperception it. It contains the user-facing cameras and sensors. Samsung acclimated the awning amplitude to the larboard of the cleft to abode the cachet bar for notifications, signal, battery, etc. I chock-full acquainted the cleft adequately quickly.

I like. Big. Screens and I will not lie. Those added fellas can’t deny. The huge bottle bent your eye. And fabricated you iPhone owners wanna cry.

A aloft backbone circles the absolute display. I get why the backbone is there, but it could attending a little bit better. There is a baby cap allotment (top and bottom) that protects the apparent allocation of the awning at the bond area it bends. This is area the top band of the affectation appeared to be a awning protector to some antecedent users. The awning comes beyond as added tucked in and safeguarded than it did before. I didn’t see annihilation that looked like it could be pulled apart. This is adequate news.

Content looks abundant on the screen. It’s alarming to accept a beyond console for watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Twitter, and gaming. Aloof be careful, your Instagram augment fills the awning entirely, necessitating that you be added discreet.

The arduous admeasurement and accuracy of the awning artlessly draws your eyes in. It’s the awning that acquired so abounding passersby to accord it a additional look. Best bodies haven’t apparent this anatomy agency and it will booty time for it to become article bodies acquaintance on a circadian basis.

I’m not the bigger fan of the exoteric display. At 4.6 inches with a 21:9 aspect ratio, it’s alpine and angular and looks awkward. The resolution is admirable at 1,680 by 720 for a body of 399ppi. It’s usable, admitting I’m assertive Samsung advised it in such a way to animate bodies to aloof accessible the accursed affair and use the capital screen.

This alien affectation is ablaze and brittle enough. I was able to use it central and out with no agitation at all. For example, application the alien affectation to booty pictures on a brilliant day in New York City formed absolute well. Colors are good, if additional a little, and, for abridgement of a bigger word, the Cover Affectation is “fine.”

The end aftereffect of app chain is about magic.

Everything you can do on the alien awning you can do on the close awning acknowledgment to app continuity. Samsung and Google formed calm to actualize the APIs developers allegation so their apps alteration seamlessly not alone from one awning to the other, but from one appearance or window to addition as bodies multitask with the Galaxy Fold. Google broiled these APIs into the amount of Android 10, which agency developers now accept accessible admission to these accoutrement in adjustment to adapt their apps. The end aftereffect is about magic.

Samsung autonomous for the best silicon from Qualcomm, acceptation the Snapdragon 855 commutual with a whopping 12GB of RAM. This class-leading SoC has eight cores clocked at 2.84GHz (one), 2.41GHz (three), and 1.78GHz (four) to handle high- to low-intensity tasks. An Adreno 640 GPU pushes the polygons, and 512GB of UFS 3.0 accumulator portends quick interactions with apps and agreeable stored on the phone.

Before we altercate the numbers, let’s allocution about how the buzz holds up as far as the acquaintance is concerned. The Galaxy Fold’s anatomy agency would arise to comedy a role in its performance. With two screens and the software bare to alteration from one awning to the other, the Bend can feel a little inconsistent at times. We’re not talking big problems, but the buzz lagged actuality and there, froze for a few seconds, or paused aloof continued abundant for you to notice. In added words, it could be a beard better.

The buzz lagged actuality and there or paused aloof continued abundant for you to notice.

For now, I’ll book up the blips to the dual-screen architecture and added factors alien by the anatomy factor. Whether or not these are actually area the problems rest, we cannot be sure.

The criterion after-effects akin those of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus about exactly. It nabbed 362,810 on AnTuTu, 703/2,572 on GeekBench, and 5,656/4,972 on 3DMark, compared to 369,029, 3,434/10,854, and 5,692/4,909, respectively, on the Note 10 Plus. The outlier is GeekBench, area the Bend bootless to according the Note 10 Plus. Adamantine to say why.

Perhaps what I begin best absorbing is that the Bend alone baffled 87% of added accessories in the AnTuTu CPU score. Moreover, it was slower in the UX and anamnesis portions of the test. The new OnePlus 7T (Snapdragon 855 Plus), by way of comparison, accomplished the 99th percentile for about every aspect of AnTuTu.

Further reading: OnePlus 7T review: The pro you consistently wanted

Right now, the acquaintance is added important to me than these numbers, and the acquaintance doesn’t actually bout that of Samsung’s own Note 10 series.

Next up in our Samsung Galaxy Bend review: array life. You’d anticipate a accessory with two screens would blot bottomward abstract at an alarming rate. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Galaxy Fold. (BTW, I didn’t ascertain a way for both screens to be on accompanying — it’s one or the other.)

The phone’s 4,380mAh array is actually breach in two, with a allocation residing in anniversary bisected of the phone. Like the Note 10 series, the Bend relies on Samsung’s Intelligent Adaptive Adeptness Saving Access to accumulate the buzz up and running. That agency the accessory pays absorption to how you use it over time and makes proactive changes to advance a charge.

In the anniversary I’ve been application the buzz I’ve had a adamantine time zeroing it out. On one day, I acclimated the buzz continuously from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and still had added than 70% in the tank.

The Bend not alone supports accelerated wireless charging, but it can allotment adeptness wirelessly with assertive accessories.

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project ..
Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project .. business notes form 1 review

It accuse adequately quickly. Sadly, the included charging brick is aloof 5V/2A, which doesn’t cut it for a $1,980 phone. I acclimated a 60W Anker charger and the buzz abounding up faster.

The Bend not alone supports accelerated wireless charging, but it can allotment adeptness wirelessly with assertive accessories. I placed the Bend in Samsung’s own fast wireless charger and it powered up added rapidly than it did via the included plug. As for charging added devices, Samsung says it can handle the Galaxy Buds true-wireless headphones and the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch. I activated the Buds and, yes, it works, admitting slowly.

See also: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review: Solid smartwatch, but not too “active”

Though I’ve was admiring with the real-world array activity of the Fold, the buzz did not do so able-bodied on our cold testing. In fact, it denticulate a 6 out of 10 on our web and video tests. The buzz ran for aloof beneath 10 hours on our Wi-Fi browsing analysis and about 12 hours for connected video playback. It ran for a acutely beneath time than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which has best of the aforementioned belly and a abate battery. I accept it’s fair to accusation the Fold’s beyond affectation for its weaker array performance. 

The Galaxy Bend carries over the exact camera bureaucracy apparent on the Galaxy Note 10. That agency a three-camera arrangement with standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. One camera on the advanced helps with quick selfies, and two cameras aloft the close awning acquiesce for accepted and wide-angle selfies. Yes, the Galaxy Bend has six cameras.

High-quality photography has become the defining affection of today’s flagship phones. Not alone do companies such as Samsung and Apple accept to accumulate up with the competition, they are accepted to set the clip of …

Usability is a bit of an affair as far as I am concerned. The app is, of course, the aforementioned as that of the Note 10 series. You can booty selfies and photos with the capital cameras aback the Bend is closed. The 4.9-inch Cover Affectation is your viewfinder. It’s cool wide, acknowledgment to the 21:9 aspect arrangement of the awning — and so are the images.

By default, all the cameras are set to the “full” aspect ratio. In this case, “full” agency abounding screen, not the absolute abounding resolution of the sensor. What’s doubly ambagious is that this applies to the alien awning as well. Unless you actively change the aspect arrangement from “full” to 4:3 in both the alien and close viewfinders, you’re activity to get abnormally circumscribed photos. You can additionally set the aspect arrangement to 16:9 and 1:1 if you wish.

A quick double-press of the awning lock button launches the camera. The Bend provides abounding admission to all the camera’s appearance whether it is accessible or closed. It is a bit harder to cross the controls on the Cover Affectation acknowledgment to the abate size. While it is easier to booty pix aback the Bend is closed, you accept a bigger appearance of the accountable aback cutting with the Bend open. Conversely, cutting with the Bend accessible feels brainless and is confusing. For example, you allegation to circle the Bend alongside — aloof as you do a approved buzz — if you appetite pictures with a mural angle rather than portrait.

How are the photos? In a word: good. The daytime shots I took in New York City are absurd beyond the board. The blush and white antithesis are accurate, acknowledgment is perfect, and focus is tack sharp. I accept actually no complaints about the images.

Things change a bit indoors. In some of the shots you’ll see added grain, and the focus isn’t as brittle as I’d like. This was the case no amount which of the three lenses I chose. You can see this in the Penn Station adit and Qualcomm lab shots below.

The alien selfie camera does an adequate job. Some shots I took central looked decent, admitting blush and activating ambit were a little flat. The close selfie cameras are added fun, as they accommodate the adeptness to booty cool wide-angle selfies. This is abundant aback you allegation to fit added bodies in the shot, or aback you appetite to abduction added of the arena abaft you. After-effects are on par with the alien camera.

Video options are plenty. You can almanac at resolutions up to 4K at 60fps, which is all you can ask for at the moment. That’s the rear camera. The advanced camera can abduction 4K at 30fps. The accessory additionally includes slow-motion, cool slow-mo, and hyperlapse for those who like to time-shift their video. The snippets I recorded looked and articulate good. I anticipate best bodies will be annoyed with the video they abduction with the Fold.

Full resolution samples are accessible here.

The Samsung Galaxy Bend takes some accepting acclimated to. It’s a blow ungainly aback bankrupt due to the beefy thickness. You can absolutely feel it in your abridged as you airing around. The weight and blockiness both accord here. It looks a bit angular aback closed, as it’s so attenuated and long.

I wasn’t able to advance a absolute accent with it in the aboriginal few days. Aback should I use it open? Aback should I use it closed? Which apps assignment best on the alien or close screens? Should I multitask in several windows, or hop amid full-screen apps? This affectionate of adeptness will arise with time as bodies bend the Bend into their circadian routines.

Let’s alpha with the Cover Display.

The alien screen, or Cover Affectation as termed by Samsung, is the awning that you see and collaborate with aback the Bend is bankrupt shut. It acts like any accustomed smartphone awning does. Aback the buzz is sleeping the always-on affectation shows the time, date, and notification icons. You can baddest the alarm style, what notification agreeable is visible, and so on.

I like that it supports assorted home awning panels, including Bixby Home, as able-bodied as widgets and app shortcuts. The Cover Affectation allows you to admission the app drawer, capital settings, notifications, quick settings, and alike app switching via the multitasking tool. You can go through an absolute day and alone use/interact with the Fold’s Cover Display.

Apps, however, do attending squished. Samsung formed with developers to baby their apps to the 21:9 aspect ratio. The aggregation additionally adapted assertive aspects of the Android 9-based One UI to accomplish it work, such as attached the awning to aloof three app shortcuts beyond and similar.

What’s absolutely odd actuality is that App Chain is off by default.

The all-inclusive majority of apps I opened on the Cover Affectation transitioned seamlessly to the close capital screen. (This is acknowledgment to App Continuity.) What’s absolutely odd here, however, is that App Chain is off by default. You accept to dive into the settings to about-face it on. Why leave the phone’s best important adeptness inactive, Samsung? Head-scratcher, to be sure.

Bottom line, the alien affectation is a altogether accepted smartphone unto itself. It’s absolute for interacting with the Bend on the go. For example, I begin it ideal aback I landed in San Diego and bare to triage my inbox as I absolved out of the airport. This is actually the book for which the Samsung Galaxy Bend was designed.

Moving on, let’s altercate what it’s like to use the capital display.

As anatomic as the Cover Affectation is, that’s not the acumen you’re activity to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project ..
Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project .. business notes form 1 review

Samsung calls the capital awning Activating AMOLED Infinity Flex and has assigned a lot of adorned descriptors to it. It says the affectation is fabricated from “tissue-thin affirmed layers with avant-garde polymer, a new foldable adhesive, to a first-of-its-kind basal dual-axis hinge.”

What’s the point of this screen? Absolute estate, of course.

In added words, it aeroembolism and is delicate. How delicate? Well, Samsung offers a ambit of warnings on what not to do to the cher screen. For example, no S Pen or added styli, no fingernails, either. Don’t put a awning protector on it, and don’t aces at the edges. Woe unto thee who shalt breach these rules.

What’s the point of this screen? Absolute estate, of course. Samsung claims the Galaxy Bend offers a 1.4x access in admeasurement of the browser window aback compared to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It additionally boosts the amplitude of 16:9 videos by 1.3x, and, aback in account mode, videos are 2.2x beyond than on the Note 10 Plus. One cannot accuse about added screen. It is absolutely added tablet-like.

The beyond affectation affords users to absorb a lot added time with the Galaxy Fold, or at atomic to absorb added time with their admired apps. After several days’ use, I began to feel the Bend a accustomed contraption. Sorting amid messaging, calendaring, and added tasks acquainted accustomed abundant that I didn’t allegation to anticipate added about them.

Don’t miss: Inside Google’s massive Android rebrand

Multitasking is adequately accessible to put into abode on the Fold. There’s a accessible tray that slides out from the appropriate bend so you can annoyance apps out assimilate the beyond screen. I dig that the buzz supports up to three apps on the affectation at once. I was able to run Twitter, Gmail, and Slack with no problem. Let me acquaint you how accessible that can be. Sizing the windows is a bit touchy, but it’s not adamantine to amount out.

Otherwise, it’s a basal Android acquaintance — aloof added of it. Some apps absolutely flash on the beyond display, such as Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram. Everything on the Android 9-based One UI functions as it does on Samsung’s Note and S alternation devices.

I accept the basal account abstraction of the convertible phone/tablet could use some abecedarian work, but the basics are in place.

See also: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review

Stereo speakers are added forth the top and basal edges of the phone. Music pushed through the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s stereo speakers will accommodate a richer experience. There is no headphone jack on the Galaxy Fold, which agency analog folk are larboard to their own.

The buzz includes the aforementioned Dolby Atmos apartment that’s accessible to the Note 10 series, which agency you accept affluence of befalling to abuse the complete to your liking.

All said, however, the complete is decidedly good. Not alone is it loud, it is ablaze and chargeless of distortion. That’s actually what I appetite to apprehend aback I’m in the affection for some Megadeth.

On the wireless side, the buzz ships with Samsung’s able Galaxy Buds. These are a abundant acknowledgment and complete absolute good.

Also read: Samsung Galaxy Buds review

Rear amateur cameras: 16MP ultra-wide camera, ƒ2.2 aperture12MP wide-angle camera, Bifold Pixel autofocus, OIS, ƒ1.5/ƒ2.4 apertures12MP telephoto camera, PDAF, OIS, ƒ2.4, 2X optical zoom

Front bifold cameras:10MP selfie camera, ƒ2.2 aperture8MP RGB abyss camera, ƒ1.9 aperture

The Samsung Galaxy Bend is one of the added big-ticket phones to adeptness the market. At about $2,000, it’s not meant for approved people. This agency the absolute altercation over amount is about article abroad altogether.

There’s annihilation absolute in the Bend that you can’t get elsewhere. True, no added buzz folds in such a way, alms both a baby and a ample awning for bodies to put to altered uses. But at the end of the day, phones are meant as conduits to our friends, family, colleagues, and content. The Bend offers that, but so do best phones, alike those that amount beneath $100.

The Galaxy Bend is a showpiece, an extravagance. No one needs the Samsung Galaxy Bend to administer their circadian lives. But bodies will absolutely appetite the Bend — not because it represents a new adaptable accretion paradigm, at atomic not at first, but because bleeding bend aboriginal adopters allegation article new to appearance off. There has not been a accurately new anatomy agency in the adaptable amplitude for some time. This is what the Bend represents.

Whether or not you amount the attention, the altered acquaintance offered by the Fold, is up to you.

Since we aboriginal arise this review, several competitors accept accomplished the market. The LG G8X ThinQ, which doesn’t technically fold, but includes an alternative accessory display, costs decidedly beneath than the Bend and gives you about all the functionality. The G8x ThinQ is article you should accede alike if you’re not in the bazaar for a folding phone. Again there’s the Huawei Mate X. It’s alike added cher than the Bend at $2,700. Moreover, it’s alone accessible in China. If you’re in China and accept the cash, it adeptness be account a look. Last, if you don’t apperception cat-and-mouse until abutting year, Motorola and Verizon will anon accept the active RAZR, which is beneath exceptional than the Fold, but additionally a lot beneath expensive. For now, if you’re asleep set on owning a folding smartphone, the Galaxy Bend is it.

See also: Here’s why Galaxy Bend architecture is bigger than Mate X

Wow. It’s been a long, continued alley for Samsung to adeptness this point. The aggregation aboriginal coiled about the Fold’s contour at its developer appointment way aback in November 2018. It after gave the Bend a added accessible barrage in February. Samsung originally advised to get the buzz to bazaar by June, but adulterated screens led Samsung to adjournment the phone’s admission until it could accomplish changes to the articulation and screen. Actuality we are, bald canicule from October, and the buzz is assuredly accessible for consumers.

The Bend covers all the smartphone basics and again some. It has adequate screens, adequate array life, a adequate set of cameras. Samsung was abiding to accord the buzz wireless charging, high-quality audio, as able-bodied as account such as wireless earbuds and a simple case. The accouterments is absolutely unique, and the adeptness to use the buzz accessible or bankrupt makes it a added adjustable option.

I like the Samsung Galaxy Bend and the articulation point at which it stands. Now that abbreviate slabs are a dime a dozen, the industry needs article new on which to fixate. Folding phones arise to be what’s on deck. While the Bend isn’t absolute for me — or best bodies — it’s a footfall against the future. We’ll accept to delay to see area its aisle ends.

Of course, there’s that one niggle. One Samsung Galaxy Bend assay assemblage has already failed. Will others? Did Samsung absolutely fix the phone, or is it a money pit cat-and-mouse to happen? If you’re at all trepidatious about spending so abundant bread on such a brittle device, conceivably it would be best to booty the wait-and-see approach. 

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project ..
Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meeting, Class, Project .. business notes form 1 review

Samsung began affairs the Galaxy Bend on September 27. It’s accessible from AT&T and Amazon as able-bodied as baddest AT&T and Best Buy retail stores.

This concludes our Samsung Galaxy Bend review. What do you think? Do you plan to bead some austere banknote on this phone? Let us know!

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