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Podcast: Muslim Ban – Muslim Voices Speak Out

We’ve dedicated this episode to discussing the Muslim Ban, but specifically to boost the voices of Muslim people at this time. Adiba and Amanda surround their discussion of the ban, its implications, and consequences, around the contributions of Muslim, and non-Muslim, people from both the U.S. and Ireland. If you are in any way affected… Continue reading Podcast: Muslim Ban – Muslim Voices Speak Out

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Podcast: Young Adult Dystopias

In our third episode, we discuss young adult dystopian novels and their recent rise in popular culture. We look at these novels and their cinematic counterparts in terms of their impact on society, considering their frequent use of a female lead character, particularly in comparison to older, male-led dystopias. The books discussed in this podcast… Continue reading Podcast: Young Adult Dystopias

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Podcast: Moana, A New Hero for Representation?

In this podcast, we discuss Disney’s latest movie, Moana. We speak about the representation of Polynesian culture and discuss the movie within the context of Disney in general. You can follow the podcast on iTunes or stitcher. Links: The Guardian – Review Vanity Fair – Oceanic Trust Slate – Polynesian Myths CBC – Review Islands – Polynesian Islands NPR –… Continue reading Podcast: Moana, A New Hero for Representation?