La La Land’s White Saviour

Full of colourful nostalgia and indulgent escapism, La La Land has captured the hearts of millions, enough even to get into IMDb’s Top 250 at an amazing #51. However, between the wonderful costumes and attractive stars, many people haven’t noticed one pretty significant detail. As Aziz Ansari points out in SNL’s wonderful “La La Land… Continue reading La La Land’s White Saviour

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Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win Is Not “Redefining Boundaries” 

Adiba’s perspective: Ever since the Nobel Prize winners have been announced, there’s been a lot of conflicting opinion on the Prize for Literature. Bob Dylan, is not exactly “literature” by any defining paradigms but then again, I suppose, what is literature? The dictionary simply defines it as “written work,” which would expand the definition of… Continue reading Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win Is Not “Redefining Boundaries”