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Podcast: Muslim Ban – Muslim Voices Speak Out

We’ve dedicated this episode to discussing the Muslim Ban, but specifically to boost the voices of Muslim people at this time. Adiba and Amanda surround their discussion of the ban, its implications, and consequences, around the contributions of Muslim, and non-Muslim, people from both the U.S. and Ireland.

If you are in any way affected by this ban, and are looking for a platform to speak about it and share your experiences, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or via e-mail.

Our podcast is also available on iTunes and stitcher.

Practical Ways to Help:

List of charities supporting refugees/migrants that you can support in Europe. 

Donate to the ACLU who were responsible for passing the stay on the Ban

Form Letter To Send Your TDs

Dublin Rally Against the Muslim Ban

Links Used and Further Reading:

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