Magazine Launch – Spectra Volume 1: Q1 2017

Today, we have very exciting news.  Spectra is launching its very first magazine!

Spectra has always been a magazine/website hybrid.  We want to pay homage to a more traditional magazine format by offering our content in the form of a 24-page online PDF and as a print copy.  The online PDF is available here for anyone to download for free so that it can be easily read on your laptop, tablet, or phone.  If you want to get away from the screen for a while, the print version can be ordered online for €7.00.

Our first volume collates highlights from the first quarter of 2017, including some of our most topical articles and snippets from our podcasts.  In this issue, we tackle Trump’s travel ban through boosting Muslim voices, we recommend 10 black writers everybody should read, and we ask: why is it called feminism, anyway?

We hope that this new format will make Spectra more accessible and generally more enjoyable to read for everyone.  Please check it out and let us know your thoughts!

Print copies of the magazine are available from Peecho for a base cost of €7.00.  Shipping within European countries is €4.00.

SPECTRA Volume 1 -Digital Edition

SPECTRA Volume 1 – Print Edition

Our next issue will be available in June. 

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