6 Contemporary Female Poets You Should Be Reading

For a lot of us poetry has been fundamental in giving us a way of expressing ourselves and processing our feelings and thoughts. The power of poetry and spoken word performances cannot be undermined. However, poetry has not always given women the spaces that they deserve. More recently, female poets have come to the fore, using… Continue reading 6 Contemporary Female Poets You Should Be Reading

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Podcast: Is Poetry Dead?

Happy poetry month to all our listeners! In this episode, Amanda and Adiba discuss poetry, and how it has impacted their lives. They also discuss some of their favourite poems, and read some works by various poets. They also speak about how poetry was a male-dominated genre but has significantly changed. Their discussion centres around… Continue reading Podcast: Is Poetry Dead?


Podcast: Periods

In our fifth episode, we discuss issues surrounding the period. We speak about the stigmas around the period, specifically about where these stigmas arise and how they can be harmful. We also discuss contraceptive methods, various sanitation products, PMS, along with a whole host of other period-related topics! Read Aurelia’s full comment here. Thanks again… Continue reading Podcast: Periods