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Edwidge Danticat on The Art of Death

During Black History Month, we featured Edwidge Danticat in our list of 10 Black Writers You Should Read. Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian-American author of multiple award-winning novels including The Farming of Bones and The Dew Breaker. Her short story collection Krik? Krak! was also nominated for the National Book Award. Danticat also writes for The New Yorker. Her work there… Continue reading Edwidge Danticat on The Art of Death

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Here We Are: Intersectionality for the Feminist World

These days, intersectionality is a word that buzzes around most feminist circles. People shout it loud and proud, “we’re intersectional!” I’ve sat in many meetings and conferences with fellow feminists – a brown face standing out against a sea of white – where this is the exact phrase that is uttered. “We are intersectional,” they… Continue reading Here We Are: Intersectionality for the Feminist World


Podcast: Periods

In our fifth episode, we discuss issues surrounding the period. We speak about the stigmas around the period, specifically about where these stigmas arise and how they can be harmful. We also discuss contraceptive methods, various sanitation products, PMS, along with a whole host of other period-related topics! Read Aurelia’s full comment here. Thanks again… Continue reading Podcast: Periods