We are a website/magazine hybrid that wants to bring feminist issues to light. We want to open up discussions about topics, while educating both ourselves and you, our readers. We want to bring feminism away from an academic discourse so it’s more approachable. We also want to highlight the importance of being intersectional and inclusive.

We chose the name Spectra because it emphasises the diversity in perspectives that exists in our world. This is something that we encourage on our website. Many of the works that we publish are collaborative. They aim to show the same issue from different lenses.

Our contributors consist of a diverse group, and we hope to continue with this kind of diversity. We want to give voices to those perspectives that are not often heard.

As contributors to this website, we’re already learning. If it’s not by research, it’s by the way we’re learning to work together. Whether you’re here as a reader, or you want to join us in our journey to start discussions, we hope that you learn something too.

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